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:: where are we now - N38 28.777 E22 29.464; Delphi - Greece ::
:: days on the road - 43 days; odometer - 6,420 km ::
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It’s hard to describe the feeling when you’re just about to start an extended overland trip…it’s even harder to describe the feeling when that trip is about to end, but the end of one trip however means that you are that little bit closer to the beginning of the next adventure.
We successfully completed our 2nd overland trip, this time by bicycle.  We finished after 281 days on the road, traveling about 9,200 km and crossing 10 countries in South East Asia, traveling from Bali in Indonesia to Hong Kong…that means we have at least another 140 or so countries to visit if you exclude the likes of North Korea, Bhutan and Myanmar which are not accessible to independent overland travelers at the moment.  That’s still a lot of adventure to be had and someone needs to do it.
We are well rehearsed in changing our minds often and for having itchy feet.  We decided to cut the bicycle trip short by a few months, seeing that we've spent 10 months in Asia, and needed a change in scenery.  The original plan was to finish the cycling trip in India, but decided that we will probably not enjoy it as much as we hope due to two factors;  India is very intense and in your face, especially on bicycles, and we needed a bit of western influence again.  With that in mind, the 3rd trip was planned.
Sticking with two wheels, we decided to travel from London to Greece and back, via Eastern Europe and the Dalmation coast on my motorbike, a KTM 990 Adventure.  We already had the bike, so we didn't have much to do to once we got back to London.  Only time will tell if traveling by motorbike is as good as bicycles.

We are hoping to cover about 10,000 km over a planned 3 month period.  It definitely won't be as tough as the bicycles, that's for sure.  Fingers crossed that everything goes well.
We'll see you when we get there!

Our proposed route (Key:  Blue - Current trip; Green - Completed trip)

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